It was a normal saturday and I just came back from my dance practice, my parents went to see if the cars tires weren’t missing air inside of it. They came back and my dad told me if I could help him take some tacos out of car, (he had brought them for dinner ). I didn’t want to go all the way downstairs . I ended up going, and right when I got to the garage a huge surprise was there...

It was my great grandmother ( dad’s grandma) she is 87, she just turned on the 15 of may. I started jumping and smiling a lot. She was the first person from my family to come and visit us in Guatemala. My mom video tipe that because, my grandparents wanted to see what we looked like, I started crying a little. She is staying until the 29 of june.

We have had a really good time so far. I hope it continues and that another person from my family can come and visit us, too!!!!!



05/20/2013 5:45pm

Hi Agus,
I think your great grandmother's visit would have been amazing. You are lucky your grandmother is there with you because mine is not. It would have been a great surprise because it was the first person in your family to visit there. What types of things have you done so far with your great grandmother? I liked to read about your grandmother's visit.

05/22/2013 7:27pm

Dear Agustina,
I really liked reading about when your great grandmother came. It sounds like you were really happy! When is your great grandmother leaving?

05/27/2013 7:24am

Dear Sophia,
Thank you for commenting on my blog. She is leaving in the 29 of June.
Do you have a great grandmother if not, will you like to have one or not?
BYE YUYER!!!!!!!

03/10/2014 10:22am

I am glad that your great grandmother came to visit you and your family and I think that is amazing. What type of things you did with her and did your grand mother like to visit Guatemala


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