Soccer is my favorite sport!!! I play soccer almost everyday. I have soccer in school on Mondays and Wednesday, I also play with my neighbors. I like playing defense because, you can help the golly and I´m getting really good at it.  I love when my team and me have soccer games,  because, that´s what I most like about playing soccer. I have soccer games almost every week. My best friend Sophia and me are always invited to all the soccer games.

I have start playing soccer just this year (10 years old), I started playing
thanks to my dad, my friends in school and the one that most inspire me  were my three neighbors, Alexandra, Sophia and Lucia. I saw they played everyday and then Sophia got in soccer practice in our school and she told me it was really fun and that I should go. I said yes, after that I loved playing soccer!!!

 One of my favorite places I have visit is San Francisco. I really liked San Francisco a lot because, on that trip my family and me went with some friends and it was really fun. There were so many things to do, like going to visit the Alcatraz Island, going to the bridge called Golden Gate, the Lombard street, Sausalito, and so many other things. We only stayed for two or three days but we got to do most of those things.

The things we did were going to the Alcatraz Island, which was my favorite thing we did on that trip. It was my favorite thing because, you could actually see where the prisoners stayed and the hole a prisoner did just to escape from the prison. Another thing we did was going to the bridge called Golden Gate, and we took some fabulous photos. We went to Sausalito, it was a like a little town. There was a street that was like a zigzag that was called Lombard. There were seven houses that were exactly the same, they were gorgeous. Those were the only things we did on this beautiful trip!!!!!!
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During my Spring Break I stayed in Guatemala because, my dad had a surgery on a saturday morning. He is ok now, it only hurts a little and that’s it. He can drive but, he doesn’t do it because, sometimes it hurts a little. I played with my neighbor and best friend Sophia and her sisters too. We did lot’s of things, and even had a sleepover. They had some friends for only one night and they were going back to their houses. They are really nice. That family has a girl named Sonia that’s six or seven years old and a boy named Reece that’s almost my age,  I’m  ten and he is eleven.

During all that time we made different things. Two days I went to see a movie with my sister and my mom. One day I made a fantastic mango with a special delicious cream ice cream with my three neighbors. It was the BEST in the entire world!!! Wednesday morning we started thinking what else could we do. We thought to go to Paseo Cayala to go and try out the new canopy and the other games it has. The last day of the spring break we went to my club, it was really fun but there was a problem. The problem was that the club was closed but we could go and swim, play soccer and we ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut.

This was one of the best and funniest spring breaks I have had. I’m always going to remember it since I enjoyed it a lot. Next time I hope I can go somewhere with my three neighbors, Ale, Lucia and Sophia.