" YESSS!!!" I shouted,  we're going to live to another place." Hi, I'm Nicole Gonzales, I'm ten years old and now we're going to live to another place for our fourth time, and I'm so excited," I introduced myself to the lady in the plane. "You know my life is on a plane every three years and a half, this time we're going to live in Guatemala." The lady looked at me in a funny and weird looking face, I told her I was sorry because, I didn't know her and I started talking to her. She respond to me like this " It's ok darling," I was glad she wasn't mad at me. That lady knows all about my life now, but she doesn't know something, do you want to know? I'll tell you but, you can't tell anyone... I HAVE SUPER POWERS!!!

     We arrived to Guatemala with a giant smile up to our eyes. I started asking when will we arrive to our new house. When we finally arrived , I got really nervous. I was nervous of going to school, in the next two days.

     It was the next day and I was helping my parent take everything out of the boxes. When I finished helping them I went to see what was my sister doing outside, she was riding her bike. I went grabbed my bike and started playing with her.

     It was the first day of school and both of us were really nervous and excited. When I arrived most kids looked at me and talked about me . I started using my super powers by accident, I had turn white and I started jumping like a frog, so kids looked at me really weirdly. I arrived home and explained everything to my parents. I'm a really good girl so I gaved school another chance.

     Next day in the very sunny morning I jumped out of bed and got dressed as fast as rain can touch the ground. I was absolutely ready to jump in the car and head to head to school. When we arrived, I started talking to some girls that are in my class. The girls said bye and whipped their hair in my face and left. I started getting really red as a tomato after those girls left. I was moving like a hamster and wanted to use my superpowers!!! I couldn't wait so... BAMM went this mean girls hair, it had catch on fire. I felt bad but good at the same time.

     I got back from school and told my parents what had happen during school. My parents told me in a really calm way " problems are not always solve with powers, if you want those girls to stop bothering you, you need to defend yourself."

     Days past and people kept on bothering me , I tried and tried to defend myself but, it was impossible until...

     One day I got really mad and was tired of people telling me what to do and bothering me so, when the mean girls were starting to bother me because, I had never defend myself and just stayed there, finally I stood up for myself and for all the persons that had my same problem. " if you're coming here to bother me please leave because, I don't want to know any of the things you want to tell me. Stop bothering everyone." I shouted to the mean girls. Everyone stayed with their mouths wide open because, no one had stand up for themselves and no one ever spoke like that to them.

     I came back from school and told my parents what had happen today, they were so proud of me they gave me one hundred dollars. So next day everyone invited me to go with them and to be their friends. The mean girls camed and said sorry to me, and I told them, I accepted but, that I didn't want them to bother me again.

     At the end I made lots of friends and the mean girls turned nice. The bad thing is that I have to move to another place. I was really sad but, my parents said we could come and visit them once in awhile.

Hugo Cabret is a book about a boy that’s 11 years old and he lives in a train station in Paris, France. This book is full of adventures. It helps you learn that you could do many things without nobody’s help. You should never give up. At the end your worst enemy ( the old man ) can be your friend. It made me feel good and happy. I think it’s a really good book for people that don’t like to read that much because, almost all the book is full of pictures but, it’s better than the movie since it has lot’s of details. At the beginning of the book there’s lot’s of pictures and it helps you understand what’s going to happen.

   Some of the adventures were... when a really old man that moved the clocks gears died Hugo, an orphan kid, needed to do that work. People new the old man died but, they thought “How does it work if the man died?” Another adventure is when Hugo saw a girl named Isabelle. He wanted his notebook, that an old man took from him because, he was stealing some things he needed to work on the automaton.

   I have a connection when I was eight years old I had a really hard homework that I needed to build a animal with clay. I needed some stuff so I told my mom to please go and buy white and black clay to do a penguin. So, she went and I started building it but, it was really hard but, I didn;t give up. At the end I made it and got a good grade.

   That’s way Hugo Cabret is my favorite character in this book. He helped me keep on going and never give up. I also liked how he didn’t care about what others think about him he keeped on building the automaton.

   I recommend this book for people that like adventures and mysteries. It looks really long but, you should pick that book up start reading it and then you would not want to stop. This is a book for 9 years old and above. This book is AWESOME!!!

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