It was a normal monday and Sophia and me went to my house after school. We were doing are three comments and Lala ( Ale ) Lulu ( Lucia ) came over. We didn't know what to do so Lulu showed us a video about this four guys building stuff with dominos, a piano, a t.v, etc ( we so the video during science lab ) at the end SPLASH goes the paint on them. We got the idea of doing something similar and Lucia told us she had to do something like this during school.

We grabbed all the dominos I had ( three boxes ) we put them all together in a zigzag way and then a ball went behind my bed and hit the other dominos, there were to paths and then they got together. The dominos keep on falling because, Sophia dropped one and then the rest did ( that happened two times ), then I did that again two more times, so it was four times in total. Ale got mad with us because, we had go so far and then we dropped it!!! We were trying to turn on a light then pour water on a cup and then try to move a game so it can open. Non of those worked, because we had to hurry up since they had to go home for dinner, homework and some baths. We are going to do it again but, with more time and start before!!!



06/06/2013 9:45am


That sounds really fun I haven't tried something like that yet so I am going to try it once. Did you do it again?

06/07/2013 7:30pm

Dear Diana,
It is really fun you should try it!!! No I haven't tried it again.
Would you like to do it by yourself or with more than one person? How many persons would you like to do it with?


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