Scenes the first day I meet Sophia we were becoming good friends. Every time we have fights after five minutes were friends again. It is really fun to have your best friend live next door, you can study together and play all day. If I need help I know she’s always going to be there for me. We love to dance, play soccer, jump on the trampoline, have makeovers, and lots of other stuff. We spend so much time together that it seems we can’t do stuff without being together.

We make up nicknames for all of us. I have a lot but, the one that they use more is Augerdoger, Aug or Augi. We called Sophie, Yuyer or Yuyu ( only me ), Ale is Lala and Lucia is Lulu. They are very important people that I’m never going to forget when I leave Guatemala.



05/27/2013 3:44pm

Hi Agustina,
I think your entry is really good. I also met my best friend the first they we met, but we are not neighbors, in fact we live far. I like how you put different nicknames for each other. I also like how you put a lot of pictures. When you first met with Sophie were you nervous?

06/03/2013 2:47pm

Dear Gaby,
Thank you for commenting on my blog entry about "My Best Friend in Guatemala". When I first met Sophia I wasn't that nervous. Sophia was more nervous than me because, she herd my parents talk in spanish and she thought I only speek spanish!
Were you nervous when you met Jeanie?

06/03/2013 3:45pm

Hi Agus I can see you really like soph and have share many things tougether ? Cence when do you met her? before school?

06/05/2013 6:58pm

Hi Mariel,
Yes we have shared many things together and I met her while my things were getting in the house. That was the 8 of august, way before starting school.
When did you met your best friends?

Ariela B
06/05/2013 5:09pm

Dear Agustina
I love Sophie and you, you are my best friends in class also with Valerie. You do almost everything together. I hope you are friends for ever, and never stop doing friends. Bye!

06/05/2013 7:00pm

Dear Ariela,
You are also my best friend in class with Valerie, Diana and Soph. I hope that we never stop being friends, too.


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