Dance is my first favorite thing to do. I like to dance Jazz and Tap. The one that I most like is Jazz because, I have dance it for four years and because, I’m better at it than I am at Tap. I started dancing Tap this year because, my friends from Mexico all danced Tap and I couldn’t since it was too expensive.I started like in it a lot and I’m getting good at it. 

Jazz is a really fun dance because, it’s sort of like ballet but, it doesn’t have classic music. You need to be really flexible. I’m really flexible. When I started dancing in Unlimited Dance Academy here in Guatemala, I started in the lowest level then I went up one level and after that I was moved up two more levels. I was really proud of myself!!!

Tap is mostly about using your feet and there’s different steps. It looks really hard, but when you start learning it, it’s not that hard. I enjoy it a lot because, the teacher helps all of us, she started teaching us Tap in a really nice way sometimes she gets mad. Mostly all the time she is in a good mood, she gives us prices if we do something right or if we are dedicating a lot of time and improving really fast. I LOVE TO DANCE AND I’M ALWAYS GOING TO!!!

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Ms Danielle
05/06/2013 12:48pm

Hi Agus, my favorite type of dance is tap! It is so fun to make all that big noise with your feet. I did dance lessons until I was in high school but sometimes I wish I could go back and take more tap lessons now as a grown up. :)What kind of music do you use when you dance?

05/20/2013 4:04pm

Agus I think is very good to compit in other places as dnce . Ihave meny friends that went to washington to compit in dance to. What places did you win? hope you enjoy it.


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