One of my favorite places I have visit is San Francisco. I really liked San Francisco a lot because, on that trip my family and me went with some friends and it was really fun. There were so many things to do, like going to visit the Alcatraz Island, going to the bridge called Golden Gate, the Lombard street, Sausalito, and so many other things. We only stayed for two or three days but we got to do most of those things.

The things we did were going to the Alcatraz Island, which was my favorite thing we did on that trip. It was my favorite thing because, you could actually see where the prisoners stayed and the hole a prisoner did just to escape from the prison. Another thing we did was going to the bridge called Golden Gate, and we took some fabulous photos. We went to Sausalito, it was a like a little town. There was a street that was like a zigzag that was called Lombard. There were seven houses that were exactly the same, they were gorgeous. Those were the only things we did on this beautiful trip!!!!!!
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Ariela B
04/17/2013 6:35pm

I really likes how you explained what you did. I think you passed a great time? You said a lot of good details. Wow that was a great story. I wish one day I could go to San Fransisco to visit all those places.

Lynda (Ms. Danielle's mom)
04/17/2013 7:33pm

Maria Agustina, I love San Francisco as well. I have wonderful memories there. It is a beautiful city. I enjoyed reading about your trip. I will visit Ms. Danielle in Guatemala City next year. I'm sure it will also become a favorite of mine.

04/24/2013 3:45pm

Hi Agustina I would really like to visit San Fransisco one day because I have never went there but if i did go there I would invite some friends to like your family did. I would also like to visit Golden Gate it is a very big brige.


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