Soccer is my favorite sport!!! I play soccer almost everyday. I have soccer in school on Mondays and Wednesday, I also play with my neighbors. I like playing defense because, you can help the golly and I´m getting really good at it.  I love when my team and me have soccer games,  because, that´s what I most like about playing soccer. I have soccer games almost every week. My best friend Sophia and me are always invited to all the soccer games.

I have start playing soccer just this year (10 years old), I started playing
thanks to my dad, my friends in school and the one that most inspire me  were my three neighbors, Alexandra, Sophia and Lucia. I saw they played everyday and then Sophia got in soccer practice in our school and she told me it was really fun and that I should go. I said yes, after that I loved playing soccer!!!



04/29/2013 4:05pm

Hi Agustina
My favorite sport is soccer to,but y like to dance to.Soccer is a really cool sport.This is my second year playing soccer in school.You have a lot of details of why you like soccer.Did you liked soccer when you lived in Mexico or Houston?

04/30/2013 10:56am

Just reading this makes me think soccer might be really cool. I bet you love to play it too. Is your team good or you just do it because you like to? I'd guess both. Do you do any other sport or do you only do soccer?

04/30/2013 11:00am

Dear Agustina:
I like playing soccer too, i really like that sport. I had seen you playing a you play very good. I liked so much. Your article was just hilirious. Do you play soccer every day?


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